Have you lost your important photos from the digital camera?

Have your ORF files lost from the storage media?

Is this application secure to recover your ORF files?

ORF or Olympus Raw Format is format of a digital camera in which an image file is saved and it contains information about the image from the image sensor of the camera, which is minimally processed and important for the further creation and printing of the picture. The Olympus digital camera uses this ORF file format to store the images. This file is just like a negative of the image captured. Since the ORF files contain pure data of the image it is more prone to corruption or deletion. These files easily get corrupted by any type of mistake or error committed by the user. And once the ORF files get corrupted or deleted then it is impossible to create image from that file. It may result in great loss to the user. Hence, recovery of those files becomes a priority for the user.

To solve this problem you can go for the ORF recovery software. This software is capable of doing lost or corrupted ORF recovery very fast and without any changes in the files.

Error messages encountered due to the corruption of ORF files:

  • >> ‘Memory card’ error flashing on the camera screen
  • >> ‘Memory card unreadable’
  • >> Accidental formatting of the XD or SD card
  • >> Power off
  • >> ‘ Needs formatting of the memory card’

How ORF files get lost or corrupted?

The ORF files get corrupted or deleted because of many reasons. These files get corrupted due to virus or malware attack because the ORF files contain pure data which can be easily infected by worms or any adware. Some human errors such as, shooting when there is low battery in the device, unintentional deletion or formatting of the memory card, removal of the memory card between the read/write process and improper turn off of the camera are also responsible for the loss of ORF files.

Features of the application:

The ORF recovery software is able to recover and restore all types of image and video file formats such as, bmp, png, mpeg, orf, gif, tiff, etc. It can also recover photos from hard drives, SD, XD card, memory stick and other removable devices. The software performs a sophisticated read only search and scans to locate the lost files and doesn’t change any property of the recovered files. It creates a preview of the recovered files and permits a user to select and restore only the desired files of his choice.

Other features of this application include attractive GUI interface, compatibility with Mac and windows OS and very fast and easy to install interface. One important thing is that it supports recovery from all types of branded digital cameras. Download the ORF recovery application to fix your corrupted ORF recovery problem.