Have you accidentally pressed the format button while watching the pictures?

Do want to get back all your captured images?

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Olympus digital camera has become popular among professionals as well as the common people because of its simple interface and advanced features. Olympus is one of the best and always in demand brand in the market. The photos captured with Olympus digital camera is stored in ORF format as original which can later be changed into other file formats, for instance, mpeg, jpeg, mp4, 3gp, etc. There is a common circumstance in which format or delete button is pressed accidentally by the user in the due process of watching the images and it can happen with any body. This results in the deletion of all the snaps within a second. But there’s no need to worry. With Olympus deleted photo recovery software you can undelete your lost photos or videos.

The Olympus deleted photo recovery is an influential tool to undelete the deleted snaps. It is capable of recovering photos from formatted drive and also corrupted images. It performs very fast recovery and restoration process as well. You can make use of Olympus photo recovery for Mac too.

Reasons behind the deletion of images:

There are different reasons responsible for the deletion of photos. Some of them include malware invasion, any damage in the memory card, formatting of the drive, human errors, pulling out the card while any read/write process is going on and many more. Capturing photos even after filling the capacity of memory card, results in the deletion of images from the camera. Due to these reasons sometimes the device starts giving unwanted error messages and the users get confused.

Therefore, recovering the deleted photos manually in such a condition is a very tough chore. Therefore you need a third party application for the restoration of the lost data.

Significant features of the Olympus photo recovery:

This application is a very proficient and efficient tool for the recovery of deleted photos from digital cameras. It successfully recovers the lost images because it is able to scan and search the files from the partitions. When you delete any of your files it doesn’t gets permanently deleted. Instead it gets transferred to an unidentified location from where your device can not access it. The photos stay undeleted as longer as they are not replaced by the newer ones. This makes the recovery possible. The Olympus photo recovery tool is very fast and cont5ains sophisticated read only program. It is able to recover image files from formatted/unreadable memory cards and other removable devices. It supports other branded cameras too. It has a user friendly interface and performs the recovery process in simple 4 to 5 steps. It is compatible with Mac plus windows OS.

Download the trial version of the Olympus deleted photo recovery software to see the preview of your deleted photos.